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Catherine Athearn (née Habershon)


Welcome to the Habershon Branch Office.  This page is for Habershons all over the world who surfed in and found us.  We want to hear from all of you.  E-mail me and I'll include you on this page:


November 2006 - Debra Leigh Habershon e-mails from . . . yep, you guessed it . . . New Zealand. She is the cousin of Louise, Steven, Brent, Lynne (and probably Matthew). Her father is Ken, brother of their fathers Osborne and Arnold. She is also Andrew's Aunt, and his father Lary is her brother.


August 2006 - Lester Grant Habbershon, born November 28th, 1936, e-mails from the U.S. He is the youngest of five children: Eleanor is now 83, Betty is 82, Joseph died at age 4 in the 20s, and Kathleen will be 80 in October. His father was Lester, Sr. He was born in Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania around the early 1900s. His mother was Mary Frances Crain, born in Gearthartville, Pennsylvania. Lester is just starting to work on finding information about his parents' ancestry. He knows they're from England. But he's not too sure how the second "b" got into Habershon.


August 2006 - Martin Riley also checked in this month. He is starting to trace his family tree. His grandfather's side of the family were Haberghams from Morley (near Leeds). I have managed to trace my family back as far as Adam de Habringham and it would appear we have common ancestry until John married Elizabeth Fielding . Our branch of the family can then be traced from Hugh their eldest son whereas your branch of the family appears to stem from the youngest son Robert. I have Mr. Riley's e-mail address if anyone would like to get in contact with him.


July 2006 - Brent David Habershon sent an e-mail from Nelson, New Zealand: Hi, my name is Brent David Habershon and I live in Nelson NZ with my wife and two girls, I see my sister is on your notice board, Lynne Molina. I like a lot of other Habershon's are very interested in our origins and I stumbled onto this site looking for information about my Grandfather Eric Gratton Badenoch Habershon born July 2nd 1898. I to have a copy of our family tree dating back to 1310, I'll add this site to my favorites and I pop in every now and then and see what's new.


October 2005 - Alan Elliott checked in from Australia and confirmed the information his brother Christopher gave us below. He admits that he never got around to grilling his father on his middle name, and that this website has given him the inspiration to check out more Habershon history.


September 2005 - Christopher Elliott has found us. He is the son of Michael Habershon Elliott. He sent details of his siblings and spouses and children.


July 2005 - Don Knibbs of Bramshott, Hampshire, has a connection with the Habershons that definitely warrants a mention in the Branch Office as he's actually supplied a picture! A cousin of his grandfather, Minnie Roberts, married a John A. Habershon (from Sheffield, England) in Connecticut, U.S.A. Here is a link to the page with the photograph that actually shows five generations. In a follow-up e-mail he writes: I knew that my grandfather had an uncle James who had emigrated to Connecticut with his family and I was aware that his older daughter had married a man named Elija Roberts and had a daughter named Minnie. However, the names on the photograph were Knibbs, Root, Habershon and Young - no Roberts.


April 2005 - Matthew Habershon checked in from New Zealand. He is from the Gratton side of the Habershon family. They sailed out to New Zealand in the late 1880s and he is fifth generation Kiwi. He has a family tree available. Send it on over, Matt, and I'll give it some space on Habershons.com.


April 2005 - Ben Habershon e-mailed from "the sunny gold coast in Australia." His father is the brother of Steven and Louise Habershon and he is his son.


August 2004 - James Habershon e-mailed from Ealing, London. He is from the Rotherham Branch, although his particular offshoot has been based in the South of England since the 1830s, when his great-great-great grandfather, Matthew Habershon migrated South to pursue what would be a very successful career as an architect (and author). And yes, dear family, he also has a copy of THE Book; in fact, he has two! George Eric Habershon, his grandfather, was Henry Habershon’s nephew.


November 2003 - Louise Habershon-Pownall signed the message book. Welcome! She is Steven's sister, living in Auckland, New Zealand. Isn't that the home of the America's Cup?


January 2003 - Lynne Molina (neé Habershon) signed the message book and sent an e-mail.   She was born in New Zealand, emigrated to Canada, and is now living in L.A.  She's Steven's cousin.  Her uncle Roland in New Zealand also has a copy of THE BOOK and they have a scroll about eight feet long that traces the family back to Adam de Habringham. She's going to try and have it sent to her in Los Angeles.


January 2003 - Walt Reiser checked in:  "I'm descended from Eric Gratton Habershon of New Zealand and  was in Rotherham and stayed with Jean and John Winter Habershon of Rotherham in the mid 1970's.  Is this the Jean that I met that has two daughters who went to school in York?  John died on the golf course sometime in the 70's.  If so Jean please contact me I would love to hear from you. I am currently living in Los Angeles, CA but return to New Zealand from time to time."

Same Jean, Walt.  She doesn't have an e-mail address.  Maybe someone could mention to her that Walt was asking after her?

January 2003 - Ben Habershon writes that he has a copy of THE BOOK.  He also knows of one in Australia.  "If you have seen the whole book, you will have seen that my grandfather, Edward Francis Habershon, was one of the last additions. His brother (my great-uncle) Philip Henry Habershon, has a page all to himself as being the first Habershon to 'die in the service of his country' - he was killed at Ypres on the western front in 1916.  His brother Sidney Heathcote Habershon was also killed a year later."

January 2003 - Gerald Holbey Habershon contacted me last year inquiring about the Habershon family tree.  I put him in touch with Peter Elliott and the two of them have since met in person.  He is 63 (retired 5 years ago) and lives in Sheffield, quite close to Junction 31 of the M1.  He was a computer service engineer, is married with four children (one boy and three girls) and five grandchildren.  " . . . out of these there is only one male to take my tree forward.  A lot rests on him."  Gerald's hobbies include computing, tropical fishkeeping, and wood turning.  Here's his family tree.  He's still working on it and maybe soon we'll find an ancestor in common (love those hyperlinks).


December 2002 - Mark Habershon wrote again to say that he also has a copy of THE BOOK.  He also has a book entitled "Records of Old London" by William G. Habershon (circa 1887).  It contains prints of old London scenes/architecture with commentary.  And I also received an e-mail from his wife, Fiona, who has added and made some corrections to their page.  She also solved the puzzle of Question 4 of the Christmas Quiz:  "In the Christmas quiz results David Habershon wondered why the names of Kenneth Rees Habershon and Leonard Osborne Habershon were on a war memorial in North Wales.  They were Mark's great uncles and they and subsequent generations of (S Shropshire) Habershons spent a lot of holidays with family in North Wales at Menai Bridge, Beaumaris and on Anglesey because their father, Samuel Herbert Habershon, had married Catherine (nee Davies), daughter of Richard Davies, MP for Anglesey (1860s) who lived on the Caernarvonshire side of the Menai Straits.  Grace Habershon, sister of Samuel Herbert also married John Davies, brother of Catherine   A brother and sister marrying a sister and brother.  Mark still has Davies relations in that area.  As a boy Mark spent holidays on the family island ( the Gorrad) in the middle of the Menai Straits.  We believe the Navy now owns this.  The two great uncles are buried in Highgate Cemetery but very strong family connections with that area would explain why their names appear in North Wales.
(Dec 30, 2002 update from Peter Elliott: 
The author of Mark Habershon's book 'Records of Old London' was probably William Gilbee Habershon (1819-1891),who was a architect from Kent.)

December 2002 - This is like doing a jigsaw puzzle (am I glad this isn't Smiths.com).
Mark Habershon writes from Chichester, England.  He is the great great great grandson of Joseph Habershon.  He's supplied enough of his family tree to warrant a page.  Check it out.


December 2002 - John Habershon of London surfed in.  He has a 6-year-old son called Alfie and will be telling him he has a distinguished ancestor of the same name.  John tagged his company name, Momentum Research, after his signature.  He didn't mention a web address but I found it anyway.  Any chance to give a Habershon a plug.

Actually, he did leave his web address.  I didn't scroll down far enough.


October 2002 - Steve Habershon (click here for his company website) writes:

Steve Habershon.jpg (286707 bytes)We live in New Zealand, our kids are 5th generation Kiwis.  I am married to Sheryl, our son Chris lives in London and daughter Anita still lives at home.  I have always been interested in the family history so will keep an eye on your website.

His ancestors left Britain in the mid-1800s.  He also sent a picture of himself with the New Zealand Prime Minister, Ms. Helen Clark.  Careful, family, we don't want outlying Habershons taking over the Habershon of the Month page.  Get moving now and do good things.




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