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SEPTEMBER 7th, 2002

Related News & Thoughts entry 9/8/02

Barn Owl (fantasy Baseball manager) picked me up at O'Hare and gave me a four-hour tour of Chicago:
graphics/baseball/chicago grant park.jpg (467704 bytes)
Grant Park
graphics/baseball/chicago grant park2.jpg (432392 bytes)
graphics/baseball/chicago owl apt.jpg (374491 bytes)
Barn Owl's old digs
graphics/baseball/chicago grant park3.jpg (371908 bytes)
Grant Park
(Sears Tower on left)
graphics/baseball/chicago grant park4.jpg (327151 bytes)
Sammy Sosa lives in the
building on the right
graphics/baseball/chicago flowers.jpg (290464 bytes)
Grant Park flowers
graphics/baseball/chicago buckingham fountain.jpg (355577 bytes)
Buckingham Fountain
graphics/baseball/chicago columbus.jpg (325043 bytes)
Christopher Columbus
graphics/baseball/chicago ducks.jpg (281408 bytes)
Chicago ducks
graphics/baseball/chicago police.jpg (257216 bytes)
Chicago Police
graphics/baseball/chicago parade.jpg (384177 bytes)
Mexican parade
graphics/baseball/chicago train2.jpg (165240 bytes)
We took the "L"
graphics/baseball/chicago train.jpg (340911 bytes)
One loop
graphics/baseball/chicago wrigley.jpg (391717 bytes)
And then headed for
graphics/baseball/chicago wrigley2.jpg (367010 bytes)
The Cubs were out of town . . .
graphics/baseball/chicago wrigley bricks.jpg (343572 bytes)
And we couldn't get in . . .
graphics/baseball/chicago wrigley3.jpg (315225 bytes)
Not even for a quick look
graphics/baseball/chicago caray.jpg (376892 bytes)
Harry Caray (late Cubs
broadcaster) statue
graphics/baseball/chicago caray2.jpg (76437 bytes)

We then drove to Milwaukee for the Brewers/Reds game at Miller Park

milwaukee tailgaters.jpg (220405 bytes)
milwaukee bp.jpg (368708 bytes)
Batting practice
milwaukee bp2.jpg (457383 bytes)
milwaukee casey.jpg (349432 bytes)
Sean Casey
milwaukee brewers v reds.jpg (459890 bytes) milwaukee sexson.jpg (202235 bytes)
Richie Sexson
milwaukee dunn.jpg (375974 bytes)
Adam Dunn
milwaukee sausage race2.jpg (271522 bytes)
Sausage race
milwaukee fan.jpg (300762 bytes)And, finally, the strange fan in the weird hat who sat next to me, got his picture on the scoreboard, and even bought me a beer.

I liked Miller Park.  The roof was open the entire five hours we were there.  And I liked the Brewer fans.  The attendance was only around 20,000 (mainly due to the Brewers' disastrous season), but the fans who did show up seemed to be having a good time.  There were dozens of tailgate parties in the parking lots when we arrived and when we left.

Final statistics:
Brewers 9, Reds 6
Air fare $5
Parking $15
Hotel $67
A day with Barn Owl?  Priceless



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