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Catherine Athearn (née Habershon)

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(sons and daughter of Michael Habershon Elliott)

Christopher David Elliott (born Oct 1968)
married Heike Dehnhardt (born Feb 1966) in 1992
children Lara Miriam Elliott (born Dec 1995) and Tessa Gillian Elliott (born Oct 1998)
divorced in 2003
current partner Jana Grünert (born May 1973)
child Marlene Lynn Elliott (born Feb 2005)
Jana, Marlene and Christopher live in Dortmund, Germany.
Lara and Tessa live nearby in the city Witten.

Alan James Elliott (born July 1971)
married Ondine Childs in 2004
child Matilda (born Feb 2005)
Alan and Ondine live in Melbourne, Australia

Susan Jane Elliott (born Jan 1976) Lives in Sheffield, UK

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