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Peter Elliott quotes a letter written to the librarian about Rotherham people:

"Mr & Mrs John B Habershon had two sons, Alfred and Percy.  They also had one daughter, Ethelwyn, who married a brilliant pianist, Mr Fred Drummond, who played the piano for hours at a stretch at the local cinema for the silent films. He was also a clever composer, writing some most tuneful instrumental pieces, one such entitled Thalia.  One holiday, when Alfred and Percy were down from University, they got a car.  By their pride and general interest it must have been a unique car in Masbro'.  They gave me my first ride in a motor car. Percy drove me up to Kimberworth.  The road was in a poor state, so, for easier running he used the tram track by the side of the road and kept on until he nearly hit a tram coming down the hill - swung off onto the road just in time.  He knew what he was doing, but for me, never having travelled in a car before it was quite a nerve-trying experience!"                                                                 


Dad also talked to me about Fred Drummond when I visited him last week (July 2002).  He also said that Fred Drummond was a great musician and wrote some well known Edwardian songs.  Unfortunately he was sent to the trenches during World War I.  He did return home after the war but was shell shocked and never the same again.  He died prematurely, and his wife, Wynnie, lived in London for the rest of her life.

Do any Habershons know anything about his music?  I've looked on the internet and this is the best I can find.  http://www.musicweb.uk.net/garlands/10th.htm


Yes!  They do.  Ricky has responded:

"I have some of Ivy's sheet music which is bound together in two hard back collections.  They include several of Frederick Drummond's music, the first being "Rosebud."  The copy, published by J. H. Larway of London, was given to Ivy with the compliments of the composer and is dated "Xmas 1913."  The words are by Eileen Newton and are written for voice and piano."

Rosebud, rosebud
In my lady's hair"
Tell me, did she think of me,
When she placed you there?
Does she know I gathered you,
Kissed your petals, wet with dew?
Rosebud, if she only knew -
Tell me, would she care?

Rosebud, rosebud,
Now you have the power
Just to breathe my love to her
Every passing hour

The next one in the collection is called "Springtime in Somerset", words by Madeleine Ross, published by Cary & Co. of London and New York, price 2/- net.

I'm dreaming of the blue hills that lie so far away,
Of the lark's sweet song above me,
Of the daffodils so gay,
There is love and mem'ry waking down each little winding lane,
And my heart goes back to Somerset,
Now spring has come again
And my heart goes back to Somerset,
Now spring has come again.

Oh I'm longing and waiting for the time when dreams come true,
And I wander down those dear green lanes in Somerset with you.
........ there'll be two bright eyes  a - shining,
Two arms that hold me fast
When I journey back to Somerset.....

Ricky adds that we can probably imagine what the music is like - very nostalgic / romantic...  There are about 15 songs by Frederick Drummond.  When he has time he is going to scan some of it.


Peter has found more stuff:

"Yet more 1881 Census details!  Frederick Jas Drummond, age 2, living with his parents, Geo Duncan & Annie Eliza, and his brother Geo Duncan Henry 6 and 2 sisters Emily Annie 3 and Cecilia Harriet 3 months.  Address 56 Darley Road, Battersea, Surrey.    On the subject of Fred's music, I had also found the web-site you quoted. His songs are listed in the BBC Music Library- Song Catalogue (1966), page 292 and the Catalogue of Printed Music in the British Library to 1980, Volume 18, pages 40-41.  I note that the songs were published in the period 1913- 1919, presumably while he was serving in the forces.  I don't suppose you have any clue when he married Aunt Wyn (as we knew her) or when he died?  I vaguely remember being taken to see Aunt Wyn in London, probably in the early 1950's."

And some more stuff, including a wedding picture. See the February 22nd, 2009 diary entry.



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