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Posted by cat on Jun 08, 2009 - 03:23 PM

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My Bikram Yoga studio [4] was featured in a Channel 13 [5] show called "Mirror Mirror" last night. John [6] recorded and edited it (how does he DO all these geeky things?) and turned it into a file and uploaded it to

So you can watch it. Here [7]!

And now, Habs, you can picture where I teach. Trust me, though, there are a lot more overweight and older and less bendy students at the studio than they show here. So if you're thinking of trying Bikram Yoga, don't be scared off!


Author: paulhabershon [8]
Jun 09, 2009
Re: On the telly!
So does the teaching involve talking continuously for 90 minutes? Phew! <br />
<br />
Do I gather that the best students are in the front row?<br />
<br />
Superb advertising to mention the woman who lost 25 lb.<br />
<br />
Can you lose weight by being in the 100 degree room but not doing any of the exercises?<br />

Author: cat [9]
Jun 09, 2009
Re: On the telly!
Yes. 90 minutes. And sometimes I teach two classes in a row. It goes very quickly, though.<br />
<br />
The early arrivals usually take the front row. They don't necessarily have to be the best, but usually you see the bendiest ones up front. We encourage all students to move around to different places in the room and not to get attached to a certain spot. Have to admit, though, that I'm a Row Three Girl!<br />
<br />
You're going to lose weight just being in the room for 90 minutes, because you're sweating. Doing this yoga, though, changes your habits. You start eating healthier food automatically. I've smoked about three cigarettes in the last four years. We tell first-timers that their only goal is to stay in the room for 90 minutes.

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