Bikram Yoga [1]: Houston Chronicle video [2]

Posted by cat on Jul 24, 2009 - 02:35 PM

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The Houston Chronicle [4] was filming at our Bikram studio yesterday evening.

Here's the clip [5].


Author: rhabershon [6]
Jul 24, 2009
Re: Houston Chronicle video
So many participants! Does the morning class that you take, have so many people? Hope there is good ventilation in the building.

Author: cat [7]
Jul 25, 2009
Re: Houston Chronicle video
That was a 4:30 class. The 6:30 p.m. is the busiest -- around 60 students. Weekday 6 a.m. classes we have an average of 24. The instructors control the heating, the humidifier, the ozonator, and the ventilator. We have a gauge on the podium that shows the humidity and the temp. Our best gauge, however, is to watch the students. If there are a large number sitting out the postures it's a signal to make adjustments.

Author: rhabershon [8]
Jul 25, 2009
Re: Houston Chronicle video
It sounds as if the ventilation and air purification are well monitored. 24 students at 6am is impressive. Do you ever have any one needing medical attention for heat exhaustion?

Author: cat [9]
Jul 25, 2009
Re: Houston Chronicle video
I've had an ambulance show up at one of my classes. It was amazing the way the paramedics lifted the patient onto the stretcher using her yoga mat. She had pulled her back out coming out of a pose. There were plenty of people treated for heat exhaustion during training, but none so far in any of my classes.

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