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  Articles: Come this way and mind your heads    
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Welcome to the brand new shiny News & Thoughts page. Look! We even have a comments box now. The Habershons are going up in the world.

To celebrate this magic day, I'm going to award a five-pound Amazon gift certificate to the first Habershon who leaves a comment explaining the significance of the title of this article. Hurry!

Bear in mind that everything else on this website is under construction and in the experimental stage (this text will eventually be green and I may figure out how to get the clock off California time one day). Feel free, however, to put on your hard hats and wander around and leave rude messages. I'll work better and faster if there are people around.

That weird web address up there will eventually be www.habershons.com, so don't panic. Once I've got everything pasted and sorted I'll transfer it over.

Monday, July 07, 2003     Printer-friendly page  


Author: cat
Jul 07, 2003
Re: Come this way and mind your heads
Of course, you have to register before you can leave a comment.

Author: paulhabershon
Jul 08, 2003
Re: Re: Come this way and mind your heads
These words were spoken to a group of tourists (including some Habershons and conceivably some of the Pepper family) by a sailor guide on HMS Victory, probably in the late 1950s. They followed without pause the words 'This is the spot where Nelson fell, mortally wounded'.<br />
<br />
The amusing thing was that the poor sailor had learned the whole tour, parrot-fashion, and had completely lost any sense of wonderment, if indeed he ever had any. It was probably his nth tour of the day.<br />
<br />
I certainly remember saying on one occasion to Don Pepper on HMS Victory, after touching the lock on Nelson's sea chest: 'I've touched something that Nelson's touched'.<br />
<br />
Oh happy days of innocence!<br />
<br />

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