Bikram Yoga [1]: Sales skills sharpening needed [2]

Posted by cat on Mar 04, 2010 - 02:39 PM

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I was chuckling down memory lane the other day as I read Ricky's comment [4] about Dates in Frome. They never had anything you were looking for. It was always "coming in on Thursday." And the employees were terrible. Once I went in there to ask for some batteries for my radio. The man behind the counter grimly responded: "We only have Ever Ready." Well, DUH?!

Forty years later I find that I'm just as rotten when it comes to sales. A yoga student decided this morning that she'd like to buy a new Breathe Mat. They were right behind me, and I told her that we only had black or purple. Why did I say that? Why not, "Of course. Would you like black or purple?" She didn't buy one. Decided she'd stick with her old, frayed one.

Both colours are really nice, too. I love the purple.

John [5] sometimes calls me his "little ray of sunshine."


Author: rhabershon [6]
Mar 04, 2010
Re: Sales skills sharpening needed
Try to sell one again to her when the blue mats come in on Thursday.

Author: cat [7]
Mar 04, 2010
Re: Sales skills sharpening needed

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