Bikram Yoga [1]: 2011 numbers [2]

Posted by cat on Jan 04, 2012 - 05:36 PM

PostNuke [3]

In 2011 I took 269 90-minute hot yoga classes. Lifetime total: 2312 (first class was March 21st, 2003).

In 2011 I taught 250 Bikram yoga classes. Lifetime total: 875 (first class was December 28th, 2007)

I've been practicing occasionally at a non-Bikram studio near our house. Bikram Yoga will always be the best yoga for me, but sometimes it's good to get away to somewhere quiet where nobody knows your name. I talked about this place a year ago. The kinks I mentioned [4] have been ironed out. The instructors show up on time now, and the room is hot hot hot! The sequence of postures is different and it's a tougher workout. Very few savasanahs and those are short. Also, there are a couple of hip-opening poses that I love, Eye of the Needle [5] and King Pigeon [6]. Taking a class at this studio gives me ten extra minutes on a weekday morning. Very valuable!

So, Habs, another year has gone by. How many of you have tried a Bikram class? They're popping up all over the place in England.
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