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  Articles: The Tenth Annual Habershons.com Christmas Quiz    
_POSTEDBY cat -  

Thank you, Antony, for compiling this year's Christmas Quiz.

Here are the rules:

This quiz is open to any household that contains a Habershon, a née Habershon, a Habershons.com commenter, or anyone who resides on the Branch Office page.

One point will be awarded for each correct answer. One point will be deducted/added for each household with more than/fewer than four participants. For example, if there are ten participants, six points will be deducted. And if there are only two participants, two points will be added.

The team with the highest score will receive a £12 (or equivalent currency) Amazon gift certificate. If there are more than eight entries a second prize will be awarded. Correct answers and the team results will be published on the website as soon as possible after the closing date.

No looking up answers on the internet or in reference books. All answers must come straight from your heads. Submit your answers to the Webmistress (cjathearn @ gmail.com) no later than 11pm GMT on Friday, January 3rd, 2014.

As usual, no correspondence will be entered into, and the Quizmaster's decision is final. Only one entry per household.


Good luck, and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

Monday, December 23, 2013     Printer-friendly page  


Author: cat
Dec 26, 2013
that was rough. I think the 13 Houston Habs will end up with a negative score.

Author: davidh
Dec 30, 2013
We haven't done very well either (see Shoutbox). Just checked the answers after sending them in.

Author: paulhabershon
Dec 30, 2013
Christmas Quiz
13 Houston Habs!? Trying tonight, New Year's Eve, with 4 or 6. Nick's lot had a go separately from Salisbury.

Author: cat
Dec 31, 2013
Well let's say there were 18 at our Christmas table and 13 participated.

Author: Clare
Dec 31, 2013
The Kent Habs have attempted it this year too (I was with Chris's family this year - x1 Hab and x4 Skinners took part) but fear we have not done at all well either ... I've even played The Bartered Bride on the violin in orchestra and couldn't for the life of me remember who composed it, argh!

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