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  Articles: Christmas Quiz 2013 results. Clear winners from down South!    
_POSTEDBY cat -  
Hello all Habs (and assorted associates!)

It's your 2013 Quizmaster here - Antony (Ant) Mason, brother of Libby. Many thanks for participating in the quiz - six teams this year. Very sporting of you!

I hope you enjoyed the challenge. I was pleased to see that almost all the questions were correctly answered by at least one team, so they were clearly not so outlandishly fiendish as to stump you all. Except one: Branston Pickle is now Japanese-owned, would you believe!

I gave one point for each correct answer, and half points (total rounded up) for a misspelt answer or (very) near miss. With the 8 US states beginning with M, there were 57 points in total to play for.

As you know, a point is deducted for each extra participant over the normative team number of four.

You can see a full list of the questions and answers by clicking here.

So here are the results in reverse order:

In 6th place, with 20 points, the Houston Habs (a total cruelly diminished by the festive-spirited size of the team: 13 participants!) (Catherine, John and friends)

In 5th place, with 25 points, Mill Close (7 participants) (Richard and family)

In 4th place, with 30 points, the Bedford Habs (6 participants) (Paul and friends)

In 3rd place, with 32 points, the "Salisbury Entry" (5 participants) (Nick and family)

In 2nd place, with 33 points, the Emsworth Habs (7 participants) (David and family)

AND IN 1ST PLACE, clear leaders with 39 points, THE KENT HABS (5 participants) (Clare and friends).

Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 04, 2014     Printer-friendly page  


Author: rhabershon
Jan 04, 2014
I can't open the link to the answers. Is it my computer?
'applications manager is not running'

Author: cat
Jan 04, 2014
It's working for me. Do you have a .pdf reader installed? Acrobat. Anyone else having problems?

Author: davidh
Jan 04, 2014
Congratulations Clare and team. Great effort! Happy new year to you and Chris. David & Libby xxx

Author: Clare
Jan 04, 2014
Thanks David & Libby!
This has taken us by surprise!! Call it Beginner's Luck. The Skinner lot certainly knew their Finance, Film and Sport but we totally flunked the History round and there were still plenty that we didn’t know. And I notice that we only got 2 more points overall than the Emsworth winners did in last year’s quiz (and incidentally we did not even reach 1st class honours standard, achieving less than 70%!)

Delighted! Well done all. Thanks for our voucher Auntie Catherine and to Ant for setting a great combination of questions.

Happy New Year everybody!

Lots of Love, The Kent Habs xxx

P.S. It's Chris's Birthday today so a welcome though unexpected Birthday surprise to wake up to - lovely!

Author: paulhabershon
Jan 05, 2014
Christmas quiz
Well pitched quiz, Ant. Congratulations to the Kent team and happy new year to all!

Author: cat
Jan 05, 2014
It was really nice of Ant to award 8 points for the eight states beginning with "M"!

Author: paulhabershon
Jan 05, 2014
Christmas Quiz
Just been looking at the answers. It doesn't affect any positions but I would like to be pedantic about Q 5.3. Queen Elizabeth acceded to the throne in February 1952 aged 25 but was actually crowned in June 1953 aged 27. On Coronation Day (miserably wet weather) we were living temporarily at 5 Drake Road, Skegness, and all the balloons and decorations got soaked on the balcony.

I just loved reading that Smetana's first name is Bedrich!

Author: Nick
Jan 06, 2014
Christmas Quiz
Enjoyed the quiz - thanks, Ant. Lucky guesses for a few (e.g. Miss Marple's first name) and we certainly weren't expecting to get as high as third. Pressure on Clare for next year - I shall be expecting a few easy ones, sis! :)

Author: Ed
Jan 06, 2014
G'day everyone

Congratulations to Clare and Team Kent, and sincere apologies for failing to enter. At least we're not the only English team to notch up a score of zero in Australia this year...

Happy new year to all.

Love from the Sydney Habs x

Author: davidh
Jan 07, 2014
Clare - traditionally the winner sets next year's questions. I'm sure you'll enjoy doing that! Uncle Dxxx

Author: Clare
Feb 17, 2014
Eek! No pressure! I'm used to setting quizzes for 6 year olds so no doubt full marks from everybody next year! Cxxx

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