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  Domain move _POSTEDBY cat -  
Habershons.com has been moved to a new server. It's a long story, but let's just say that it will cost less. John has run into all kinds of glitches and is fixing them when time permits. Hope those of you who came by on Tuesday morning enjoyed the sniffer module. That's gone now. And no, I don't know what a sniffer module is, but it sounds fun. Hoping that the chat box will be back soon, too. The photographs could be a problem. These things just take time.

Thursday, February 09, 2012   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Iron Lady _POSTEDBY cat -  
We went to see The Iron Lady this evening. Meryl Streep was brilliant, and has to win an Oscar. Not sure what to think of the movie, though. It focused more on Thatcher's current state (Alzheimer's/dementia) than her career. I'd have liked to have seen more of the latter. On the other hand, the whole thing was very moving.

Gonna have to sleep on this one.

Saturday, January 14, 2012   1 comment    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Dental implant _POSTEDBY cat -  
Upper right molar, next to where a wisdom tooth might be. Am I the first Hab to get a dental implant? Had the tooth pulled five months ago and missed it an awful lot so decided to go ahead with a replacement. The initial appointment involved drilling into the jaw bone and placement of a titanium screw.


The surgeon was great, though. He took a a good ten minutes to numb the area, and I never felt a thing. He sent me home with prescriptions for antibiotics and pain killers. I've made a huge pot of leek and potato soup and am waiting to see what happens when the Novocain wears off.

Thursday, January 12, 2012   3 comments    Printer-friendly page  

  Bikram Yoga: 2011 numbers _POSTEDBY cat -  
In 2011 I took 269 90-minute hot yoga classes. Lifetime total: 2312 (first class was March 21st, 2003).

In 2011 I taught 250 Bikram yoga classes. Lifetime total: 875 (first class was December 28th, 2007)

I've been practicing occasionally at a non-Bikram studio near our house. Bikram Yoga will always be the best yoga for me, but sometimes it's good to get away to somewhere quiet where nobody knows your name. I talked about this place a year ago. The kinks I mentioned have been ironed out. The instructors show up on time now, and the room is hot hot hot! The sequence of postures is different and it's a tougher workout. Very few savasanahs and those are short. Also, there are a couple of hip-opening poses that I love, Eye of the Needle and King Pigeon. Taking a class at this studio gives me ten extra minutes on a weekday morning. Very valuable!

So, Habs, another year has gone by. How many of you have tried a Bikram class? They're popping up all over the place in England.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Fair Fares Protest at St. Pancras _POSTEDBY cat -  
Nothing like getting a a few quotes from David when there's trouble on the trains. I think you hit it right on with this line, David:
‘The problem is that commuters are not natural demonstrators . . . They are mostly business people who don’t have time to protest.'

Tuesday, January 03, 2012   4 comments    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Property of Mervyn Fudge _POSTEDBY cat -  
Have any of you ever seen anything like this? I suppose you've probably had enough of quizzes for now, so I'll just get on with it and tell you that it's a percolator. Not only is it a percolator, but it's THE percolator that resided in the Directors' dining room at J.J. Habershon & Sons Limited. Here's the full story from Angela Power (lifted from the Message Book):
My late Father, Mr. Mervyn Fudge, worked at Habershons' as an accountant in the 1960s. I am hoping that you may pass on this message to one of your relatives who was involved with Habershons' Rotherham. They may be interested in this item that I am going to tell you about. When my late Father left Habershons’ he acquired a most impressive looking coffee percolator that was regularly used at lunch time in the Habershons’ Directors dining room. The coffee percolator has some special significance within the steel industry as being (and this is where I need some answers as I am somewhat vague) the first, cold rolled steel and there was some connection with Sweden I think? I was only about 10 years old at the time and didn't take much notice of its importance. However, I would like either some more information about it if anyone in your family remembers it. It is made of stainless steel, with a little burner underneath to heat the water. It is still in working order. We used to use it at Christmas time as it was quite an extraordinary piece of equipment and made the most peculiar noises, which would have family and friends in fits of laughter. I have added a photo but not sure if it will transfer to your website [it didn't]. I can send you a photo via email if anyone is interested [she did]. I really feel it belongs in a museum or with the Habershon family.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this very odd message!
Kindest regards,
Angela Power.
(sigh) Where's Dad when we need him? Can anyone shed any light on this percolator? What's its history? And I wonder if anyone remembers Mervyn Fudge (such a great name for an accountant)? Angela advises that he was born in 1923.

Angela, if you read this, thank you so much for coming by Habershons.com. It makes it all worth it. And Habs, check out her website, Angela Power, Beauty Therapist and pay her a visit if you're in the Bromsgrove area!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Hab birthday _POSTEDBY cat -  
Happy birthday, Charlie!

Sunday, January 01, 2012   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: 2011 Quiz Results _POSTEDBY cat -  

From Antony:
Greetings, Habs!

This quiz proved a bit of a challenge! Apologies from me, your Quizmaster, Antony Mason (brother of Libby). You won't ask me again any time soon - but you don't have to: the Masons did not have any Habershons among them, as their usual Habershon contingent had scarpered to Australia!

Some of the questions were admittedly fiendish... Most of others seemed to me to be more or less within range... Heigh ho!

Anyhow, you can see a full list of the questions, answers and explanations by clicking here.

And now, here are the results of the Eighth Annual Habershons.com Quiz

There were four entries:

In 4th place, with 14 points, The Houston Habs (they had 7 participants, which knocked 3 points off their total).

In equal 2nd place, with 17 points each, The Castle Carey Habs (8 participants), and the Emsworth Habs (5 participants)

And the WINNERS for 2011... [overlong pause, as seen on TV]... are.. [another pause]... The BEDFORD HABS with 22 points (4 participants).

Congratulations, Bedford Habs! A £10 Amazon Gift Certificate on its way to you.

Yes, well done, Bedford Habs. Their team consisted of Paul, Pamela, and two bridge players. They were playing in a tournament in Chester at the time.

Thank you, Antony! We Houston Habs loved the quiz, even if we didn't know the answers.

And now we need a volunteer for next year's quiz.

Saturday, December 31, 2011   4 comments    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: The Eighth Annual Habershons.com Christmas Quiz _POSTEDBY cat -  

It's here! The moment you've all been waiting for.

A couple of Habershons will be without internet this Christmas, so the deadline for submitting your quiz answers has been extended. Here are the rules:
This quiz is open to any household that contains a Habershon, a née Habershon, a Habershons.com commenter, or anyone who resides on the Branch Office page.

One point will be awarded for each correct answer. One point will be deducted/added for each household with more than/fewer than four participants. For example, if there are ten participants, six points will be deducted. And if there are only two participants, two points will be added.

The team with the highest score will receive a £10 (or equivalent currency) Amazon gift voucher. If there are more than eight entries a second prize will be awarded. Correct answers and the team results will be published on the website as soon as possible after the closing date.

No looking up answers on the internet or in reference books. All answers must come straight from your heads. Submit your answers to the Webmistress (cjathearn @ gmail.com) no later than 11pm GMT on Thursday, December 29th.

As usual, no correspondence will be entered into, and the Quizmaster's decision is final. Only one entry per household.

Thank you, Antony, for setting the quiz. Note, Habs, that he will also be grading it. Once I have all your entries I'll forward them to him.


Good luck, and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Yes, there will be a quiz _POSTEDBY cat -  

Just because it's quiet around Habershons.com does not mean that there will be no Christmas quiz this year. I am pleased to announce that compilation is well under way.

(small drum roll here)

Yes, the Eighth Annual Habershons Christmas Quiz's Quiz Master is none other than Antony Mason. This is especially good news, because without Antony's participation the Emsworth Habs don't stand a chance of winning this year. Also, the Bedford Habs are nicely scattered. In fact, we here in Houston think that this could actually be OUR YEAR. The only worry is that the Stables Habs (or do they have a different name now?) may invite Adrian over for Christmas. Not good, as Adrian was recently spotted on Mastermind.

Anyway, it's good to dream.

The quiz and rules will be uploaded closer to Christmas. If any of you need it earlier than, say, Christmas Eve, let me know.

Monday, December 12, 2011   3 comments    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: We'll keep this low key _POSTEDBY cat -  
happy birthday, libby.

Monday, November 21, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Message book _POSTEDBY cat -  
Greetings, Habs. Sorry not to have kept things up to date too much here. I know it would only take five minutes out of the day to post something. Will try to do better, but am making no promises.

Anyway, I've just been checking out the Message book and wonder if anyone else does. This post from a lady called Ann made me smile:
I was employed by JJ Habershon and Sons in the print department at Holmes Rolling Mills, I was interviewed by John Habershon and started work on 16 December 1963. I was very surprised to receive a ten pound fresh turkey, as a thank-you from the Company to the employees, my mother was delighted. Lovely happy days, Wonderful firm to work for :)
Cool, huh?

There are quite a few other messages. Please feel free to send emails to the writers or answer their questions.

Sunday, November 20, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: A brand new Hab _POSTEDBY cat -  

We have another addition to the family. Congratulations, Candice and Ed, on the birth of Sam Andrew Habershon. He was born at 2.35pm Sydney time on Thursday 6 October. He weighed 7.3lbs and is named after Samuel Osborne Habershon (but Sam not Samuel). Second name Andrew after Candice's late father.
Mother and father are doing fine.

First-time grandfather, David, is also doing fine, although he did almost miss the tube stop on his way back from work.

And this makes me a Great Aunt x 2.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: September 10th, 2011 _POSTEDBY cat -  

It must be Ricky's birthday.

Happy birthday, Ricky! Hope the sun's shining in Castle Carey.

Saturday, September 10, 2011   1 comment    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: yet ANOTHER Monday Hab birthday _POSTEDBY cat -  
Happy birthday, Emma!

Monday, August 29, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Technical difficulties _POSTEDBY cat -  
Greetings from a very dry drought-ridden Houston, where the temperature has been in the 100s for over a month and where we've forgotten what rain looks like.

You may have noticed that the Habershons.com website has been down for a few days. (You'd better have, anyway) The server that the site is hosted on has had some rather severe technical problems. John will be moving the site to a new server at some point in the very near future. The site may look the same or have a completely new look. Stay tuned!

Friday, August 26, 2011   3 comments    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Birthday time _POSTEDBY cat -  
Happy birthday, Jamie!

Saturdays are good days for birthdays. I think most Habs have celebrated theirs on Mondays this year.

Saturday, August 13, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: London on fire _POSTEDBY cat -  
Things look bad in London. We are watching the BBC with horror.

London Habs, please check in. Is any of this going on near your homes or workplaces?

Monday, August 08, 2011   1 comment    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Hot car deaths _POSTEDBY cat -  
This woman was lucky that her children didn't die. Leave a child in a hot car in Texas and it doesn't take long.

Monday, August 01, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Bedfordshire Chess _POSTEDBY cat -  
From the Leighton Buzzard Observer (I love Google Alerts!):
Bedfordshire’s chess players faced Hertfordshire in the Minor Counties Final and came out 9-7 winners in a hard-fought match.

Luton player Michael Joseph and Bedford’s Steve and Andrew Ledger earned draws as did Alan Brown, Charles Tippleston, Branko Prinanic, Vaughan Griffiths (Northampton), Richard Freeman, Paul Kendall, (Milton Keynes) along with Peter Hunt and Adrian Matthews (Leighton Buzzard).

Bedford’s Paul Habershon earned a fine victory in his clash, as did Graham Smith (Milton Keynes) while Colin Solloway (Milton Keynes) also held his nerve to triumph as Beds edged home.
Chess can seem very exciting when my brother's involved.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011   5 comments    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Another Monday Hab birthday _POSTEDBY cat -  
Happy birthday, Ed!

Monday, July 18, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Beyond the Clouds _POSTEDBY cat -  
It's here, Habs and fans. Our very own Helen Habershon is launching her second CD. Start by clicking on the graphic to view the magnificent cover.

For those of you who loved Found in the Rain, "Beyond the Clouds" will not disappoint. This one has not only clarinet and piano, but 'cello and violin. Helen's website is currently being updated with more information, but for now, here's what I pulled from Amazon's website:
Beyond the Clouds is a recording of 21 'Songs Without Words' composed by Helen Habershon and performed by Helen Habershon (Clarinet) with John Lenehan (Piano), Alexander Baillie ('Cello) and Katalyn Kertesz (Violin). Helen writes: 'In this, my second CD of 'Songs Without Words', I would like to take you on a voyage through both time and space. My hope is that you the listener, will allow yourself to let go of the world that you are in, that of time and doings, and join me on a timeless journey, wherever your imagination takes you. We travel to that place of timelessness wherein lies the past, present and future. You are free to travel through stars and clouds, visiting mountains and forests telling their tales of Ancient Times and Yesterdays Dreams. We hear the song of a Dartmoor Stream and its Sunlit Waterfall. We are told the plaintive story of Baggy Point, a beautiful headland that proudly stretches out, flanked by the North Devon sea. We are embraced by the emotional state of love, that spirit which is there for all of us if we open our hearts and invite it to be our friend. We watch the red flames of the beautiful Setting Sun and feel the mystery of its passing Into the Quiet of the Night. I hope that you enjoy the journey and it will always be a part of you'. Helen Habershon June 2011.
So there you have it. All you need to do now is buy the darn thing. If you're in the U.K., it's available on Amazon. Unfortunately they won't ship to the U.S.A. However, it's also available at CDBaby. Download or snail mail.

And for those of you who haven't yet bought "Found in the Rain," what the heck is the delay? It's still available on Amazon UK AND Amazon U.S.

Sunday, July 10, 2011   1 comment    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: 31 and 30 _POSTEDBY cat -  
Happy birthdays, Nick and Jim!

Sunday, July 10, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Emsworth Habs at Wimbledon _POSTEDBY cat -  
While most Habs endure the Monday daily grind, David emails from Wimbledon: "Murray won and shook hands first (obviously read Paul's letter!). Venus Williams struggling. Serena already out on another court. Nadal next. Celebs spotted - Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Cliff Richard and Boris Johnson."

He really is there on the best day. See this Wall Street Journal article from Saturday.

UPDATE: For the cheap Habs (and there are plenty of us) who are not willing to pay the Times Online for the privilege of reading Paul's letter, here it is:


I accept that the winner of a Wimbledon match feels intense pleasure. However, the victor's first duty is surely to shake hands and be pleasant to the opponent. Instead we often witness a ritual of selfish celebration: the melodramatic fall to the turf, the fist pump, the arms raised to the crowd. This is insulting to the waiting loser. Even some players supposedly renowned for their good manners are guilty of this gloating behaviour.

Yours sincerely

Paul Habershon

Monday, June 27, 2011   Comments?    Printer-friendly page  

  Articles: Открыть шампанское! _POSTEDBY cat -  
Hot off the Habershon network: Emma is now the proud owner of a degree in Russian from the University of Exeter.

Congratulations, Emma!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011   4 comments    Printer-friendly page  
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