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Peter Elliott's observation:

"The letter from Ivy Habershon is a wonderful piece of family history.  It brings the dates and names to life. I find that the Census returns, which are a snapshot of life at the time, also bring things to life.  For example on 3 April 1881 John Broadhurst Habershon (age 32) was living at No 2 Holly Villas James Street Kimberworth Rotherham with his wife Mary Gidley Habershon (also age 32). Also living there was Fanny C Rix (age 26), Mary's sister and a domestic servant Mary G Waddel (age23).  Twenty-six days later your grandfather Alfred Rix Habershon was born."

John Broadhurst's siblings:
William Beatson (1847 - 1918)
Sarah (1851 - 1910))
Elizabeth Ellen (1852-1853)
Lydia Harmer (1854 - ?) still living in 1912
Matthew Joseph (1855 - 1929)
Arthur (1857 - ?) still living in 1912
Edmund Osborne (1862-1874)                                                       


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