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Joseph Jones' siblings:
Eliza (1787-1806)
Matthew (1789-1852)
Henry (1791-1831)
Maria (January-September 1793)
Mary (1794-1818)
Ebenezer (1799-1847)

Joseph Jones seems to have been the first of the Habershon family to have attempted an investigation of its descent.

Peter sends more facts from the 1881 Census:

Joseph Jones Habershon, age 84, was living at Holmes Villas, Kimberworth, Rotherham with his second wife Mary Ann, age 71, and his daughter Elizabeth Broadhurst, age 53, together with 3 servants.

Also living at the same address were John Matthew Habershon, age 57, with his wife Lydia, age 56, daughters Sarah,29, Lydia Harmar,27, sons Matthew Joseph, 25,and Arthur, 23, together with 1 servant.

Some biographical notes for Joseph Jones Habershon.

"Born 8 Sept.1796 in Holmes, Rotherham; christened 6 October 1796 in Masboro' Chapel, Rotherham.

Residence Ferham House, Rotherham.  Joseph started business in the High Street,Rotherham in 1824.  In 1829, he took over the steel rolling mills at Holmes, which had been part of the tin plate works of Messrs Walker. Since that time (1913) these works have been successfully carried on by his descendants. under the name of Messrs J J Habershon & Sons.  He retired from active business in 1851, leaving his eldest surviving son  and partner to carry on the works.  He became a member of Masboro' Independent Chapel in 1814, and a deacon in 1837, and during the whole course of his life, he actively engaged himself in furthering its welfare. He seems to have been the first of the Habershon family to have attempted an investigation of its descent, and his pedigree is valuable in that he gives notes and dates - the whereabouts of this pedigree is not known. .He married on 11 September 1821 in Rotherham, Elizabeth Broadhurst, who died 1 April 1849.  He later married Mary Ann Greaves. Joseph Jones Habershon died on 13 January 1882."



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